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Canabalt HD
Canabalt HD
  • os: Android version: 3.0
    updated: November 21, 2014 size: 14MB
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Game play is simple, the farther you run the better; a lot of players will join, no longer have to worry about no teammates, you can quickly team up, joyful game; the site of the game will also be very new, this is the battle on the roof, if a little careless you will fall to the ground; but there are some deep things to be able to make people think, around a small partner if you can send an invitation to play together, compete hand speed, the Winning. The farther you run, the higher the score; the only thing you have to do is to control the character to jump to avoid various obstacles

How To Play

1、The process of breaking through is full of challenges, you need to show your superb parkour action in the game;

2、A variety of characters for you to unlock, flexible control of your character, avoiding all kinds of obstacles and traps; cute cartoon style, just look at it is a healing kind of breakthrough writings, to ensure that your emotions get better and better;

3, fast to the end, pass the level to get rewards, you can unlock more characters Oh; in a variety of different sports field to run, each level is a new type of challenge, the degree of difficulty is completely different;

4, simple and fast pased platform action game, pioneering a genre to reach Android devices.


A black and white painting style of agile parkour game, the game between the player control a character wearing a suit in a high building running jump, pay attention to the agile dodge boxes and other obstacles, in the uneven roof, cranes and other platforms fast forward, with a wealth of scenes can be challenged. The story is about the city was suddenly attacked by aliens, the ground has been occupied, quickly from the building rooftop escape it! Simple operation, smooth speed, shocking music, urban escape is a must-play! Tap the screen is depression, real press is big jump, automatic acceleration, you can use the box in the road to slow down, but pay attention to dodge the sudden fall of the bomb!

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