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BlockPuz: Jigsaw Puzzles &Wood Block Puzzle Game
BlockPuz: Jigsaw Puzzles &Wood Block Puzzle Game
  • os: Android version: 1.601
    updated: February 10, 2021 size: 32M
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Edit Notes

1, simple to play, suitable for all ages;

2、Rich levels, unlimited challenges;

3、Enjoy the simple and addictive puzzle game.

How To Play

The game rules are simple, just drag the given blocks to fill the frame;

There is a challenge level, you can get 3 new stones to unlock a new level if you succeed;

There are different rewards for logging in every day.


It is a classic Tetris adaptation game. The game has no time limit, no additional rules, no gorgeous special effects, and the classic gameplay never goes out of style. In the game, the player will choose one of the three blocks given below and drag it to the box above, if it can be combined into a horizontal or vertical can be eliminated, when it can not be dragged to the box, the challenge is over!

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