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Blob Runner 3D
Blob Runner 3D
  • os: Android version: 1.5.2
    updated: February 19, 2021 size: 57M
  • os: IOS version: 1.6
    updated: Feb 19, 2021 size: 249.8 MB
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Edit Notes

You can invite more good friends to compete together, a lot of rewards players can go to get, unlock more different characters; this game design hundreds of different levels content waiting for players to come to challenge, players can continue to train their own operation position in the game, the game of the ball cleverly swallowed, quickly complete the challenge task, the picture style is simple, the process of the game is very interesting, feel the joy of the game, where you can freely adventure!

A variety of different colors of slime man players can go to choose, to bring you a different visual experience, very funny.

Players can constantly challenge themselves to pass more levels, get more points and unlock more levels.

How To Play

1、There are many levels for players to fight, take players to experience endless joy.

2, all levels are carefully designed, each level can bring a different feeling.

3, players control the jelly can collect small jelly on the road to increase the volume and score.

4, the game play is very simple, the player needs to control the jelly move all the way to the end.


It is a mobile game that focuses on fun and casual parkour gameplay. The game's gameplay is very special, the vertical screen game is also very easy, players are free to adventure on the track, there are a large number of activities waiting for players to participate in the unique forward parkour to bring you unique game fun, rich organ challenge, enjoy a relaxed and casual finger game experience, what are you waiting for, impressed rather than action, quickly join to try it!

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