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Bike Race Pro by Top Free Games
Bike Race Pro by Top Free Games
  • os: Android version: 7.9.2
    updated: January 6, 2020 size: 31MB
  • os: IOS version: 8.3.1
    updated: January 6, 2020 size: 133.7MB
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1, Real top stunt bike physics

2、Graphics amazing graphics

3、30+ Incredible Levels

4、Bike race top

How To Play

Ride epic bikes

The race featured a wide selection of easy-to-customize bikes, ranging from badass choppers to fast motocross bikes. All ready to go, full of nitro and ready to unleash their full fury on the asphalt below.

There's also a treat for all the dusty fanatics out there - you can drive a real quad bike. Experience unparalleled speed unstoppable by brick walls!

Challenge the biggest and the biggest

Feel the adrenaline overload as you begin to race against the biker gangs that rule the city. They are the famous 1% of illegal bike racers who have grown ive strong on crime and the need for speed. They believe that all the best things in the world are free (when you take them off by force) and that having fun in life is the only thing that matters. Except, of course, power and money.

Explore the urban sprawl

New York City is divided into boroughs, each run by a different bike gang. If you wish to take direct control of THE CITY, you must defeat all the renegade bikers. Race through a variety of realistic game modes and challenges.

Become a legend of the road

Great highways await those brave enough to compete with the best racing competitors in the world of underground cycling. You must be determined to keep up with the kings of crime - but the prize money for the best motorcyclist is very high indeed. Do you think you can be the head of the city's new bike gang?

Beat the competition in top bike races

Break all the rules and experience incredible racing in a huge urban sprawl called the city. Split into groups of zones, each with its own look and feel of realism. Prepare for mind-blowing thrills never before seen in a mobile game.


Motorcycle race is a horizontal obstacle racing game, although not as many games bring players great excitement, or have a deep connotation, but is a very suitable for leisure time to kill time exquisite small work!

You can play a motorcyclist in this game, in a variety of thrilling track race, the scene is very exquisite production, many levels, interested partners come to join the top bike race motorcycle game, together with a tense and exciting motorcycle race it!

Play this addictive stunt game and perform your stunt riding skills to prove that you are bike racer. Enjoy free games, free games stunt bike racing 3d with impressive graphics: xtreme stunt bike rider and realistic controls can provide you the best stunt bike games and impossible racing experience.

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