• os: Android version: 10.0
    updated: February 21, 2022 size: 58M
  • os: IOS version: 10.0
    updated: Feb 23, 2022 size: 1.3 GB
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Handsome gyroscopic figures to fight and upgrade skills to attack;

Gorgeous combat effects combined with perfect control, very addictive;

PK with your buddies, passionate battlefield waiting for you to witness.

How To Play

The game is simple and easy to play, players control their own gyroscope to compete with each other, the loser will quit the game, the winner will continue to fight, either the enemy will die or I will die!


BEYBLADE BURST is a matchmaking game. In the game, players can use gyros to fight against each other just like the characters of the anime. And the player's gyro can also use skills such as big moves in the game. At the end of the match, players need to use the money they have gained to modify their gyro to make the Battle Gyro even more powerful.

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  • i love this game so much that whan i had my phon that was the frist game i had

    by donte 18 May,2022

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