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Baker Shop Business Simulator
Baker Shop Business Simulator
  • os: IOS version: 1.2
    updated: February 23, 2023 size: 192.4 MB
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1. The game process is full of joy, making a variety of delicacies by yourself, which is extremely joyful;

2. Attract more customers to buy bread, master various marketing methods, and easily improve efficiency;

3. Many tasks are different every day, making different flavors of bread to meet customer needs.

How To Play

Start player own bakery business, renovate bakery and serve customers in bakery cooking games. Decorate the bakery, hire a chef, decide on menu items and serve gourmet meals to customers. Players need to hire employees, purchase raw materials, make bread and desserts, design and decorate shops, and earn income and reputation by selling bread and desserts.


A bakery-themed simulation business game, with many business tasks, massive gameplay, free trial, giving players more surprises and joy, playing the role of the bakery owner, you need to do it yourself to manage the bakery well Related matters, including hiring employees, purchasing various ingredients and tools, making bread, decorating shops, etc., to win word of mouth and obtain higher profits.

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