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Avicii | Gravity HD
Avicii | Gravity HD
  • os: Android version: 2.1
    updated: Jan 20, 2023 size: 241.5 MB
  • os: IOS version: 2.1.1
    updated: Feb 2, 2023 size: 241.5 MB
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Edit Notes

1. Various styles of music have completely different rhythms, and each style has its own style.

2. A distinctive line special effect display is added, and the particularly rhythmic picture is very attractive.

3. While breaking through the level, you also need to avoid more dangerous objects in time. If you fail, you will go back home.

4. When unlocking a new level for a new experience, the content inside is also a completely different new experience.

How To Play

Players only need to control the ball to jump to avoid obstacles, allowing players to get started quickly and enjoy the fun of the game. The sense of rhythm is very strong, which allows players to completely fall into it and operate with the rhythm of the music, making the game experience smoother. Multiple difficulty levels and levels, each level has a different rhythm and difficulty, very challenging, allowing players to constantly challenge themselves and improve their skills.


A music rhythm game with the theme of the famous DJ Avicii. Players need to click or slide on the rhythm of the notes appearing on the screen, synchronized with the rhythm of the music, in order to achieve the goal of the highest score. There are a variety of difficulty options in the game, and the difficulty gradually increases, allowing players to experience the perfect combination of music and games in the challenge. The perfect combination of picture effects and music makes people immerse themselves in it. The style of electronic music and various special effects are amazing, allowing players to feel the visual impact.

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