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Arrow Fest
Arrow Fest
  • os: Android version: 1.6
    updated: August 7, 2021 size: 78M
  • os: IOS version: 1.9.5
    updated: Aug 7, 2021 size: 243.9 MB
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Exciting challenges will be able to show your archery skills and pass the test by showing your archery skills in various levels.

Each level will have a different objective, using your actions to complete the challenges and more levels.

The challenges here will escalate in difficulty and you will have to make yourself able to show more perfect skills.

There will be no pressure to play this game, so you can have fun here.

The more levels you pass, the more benefits you will receive.

Remember to get the props in the mall every day you sign in online, it can help you to pass the level.

How To Play

From the game content belongs to the parkour game, is a different kind of parkour.

The game is very playable, handicapped party can also be very happy to play, the game's physical anti-addiction is a very good design.

The game is a skin and daily task mechanism, and constantly break through the upgrade to unlock more ways to play!

Simply swipe left and right to control your flying arrows;

Go through the best arrow doors to get more arrows in the game;

A variety of special levels, as well as a large amount of gold and fancy flying arrow skins.


A cartoon casual archery game, control a free flight bow and arrow, on the track through a marked mathematical algorithm of the wall, so that the number of your bow and arrow multiplied, so that you can successfully destroy the enemies in the way, and as much as possible to make the number of arrows become more, at the end of the level there will be a large wave of enemies to block you.

A variety of different game scenes are very beautiful, and various graphics are also very high definition.

Rich game strategy gameplay, players can use a variety of ways to break through and adventure.

A variety of different a game play is very diverse, the player can feel free.

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