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Army Battle Simulator
Army Battle Simulator
  • os: Android version: 1.3.50
    updated: May 14, 2022 size: 178.4 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.3.30
    updated: Jul 12, 2021 size: 178.4 MB
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Edit Notes

1. From Epic Battle Simulator and Epic Battle Simulator 2 to Army War Simulator, the most accurate military battle simulation game!

2. Form your strategy, choose between vehicles, soldiers and flying armies, be wise on the battlefield and defeat every opponent!

3. In Army War Simulator you can fight against levels, customization and real-time multiplayer!

4. You can perfect your army, watch special effects, play multiplayer mode, advanced matching algorithm created for you!

5. With improved graphics and enhanced intelligent robots, you can now experience the ultimate battle simulation!

How To Play

1. Command your air and ground units;

2. Senior military placement;

3. The army has been upgraded to three levels, equipped with superb equipment and statistics;

4. Advanced multiplayer ranking system, better matching and customized leader boards;

5. Well-crafted and improved graphics to make the battle cooler;

6. Smarter troops for the most accurate battle simulation.


A modern military combat simulation game. In the game, you will command your army to form formations, and then fight against the enemy. A lot of modern weapons will be at your disposal. Players need to play your military strategy, place them wisely on the battlefield according to the range and damage value between vehicles, tanks, soldiers, armor and flying units, and defeat every opponent! Players can also use their own pink crystals to upgrade the bullet levels of different types of guns, maximize the power of bullets, and let you feel the thrill of killing enemies quickly. In addition, you can also buy heavy weapons such as intelligent robots and tanks, which will take you to experience the power of the ultimate weapon.

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