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Albion Online
Albion Online
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    updated: Jul 15, 2022 size: 2.7 GB
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    updated: Jul 19, 2022 size: 2.7 GB
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The game has a large number of tasks, players can pass through the constant battle to obtain the game's rich rewards.

The gameplay in this game is very simple and the player only needs to pull the virtual lever to engage in an intense and exciting battle.

It is a completely player-driven economic system where almost everything is handcrafted by the player.

Combine your own armor and weapons to match your play style in the game's unique, classless "gear-defined character" system.

Explore fantasy worlds and engage in exciting battles with other adventurers to conquer territories and build homes.

How To Play

The peak of the hegemony bloom new opening, gather many players together to open a gentleman duel, hegemony sand city conquest more than.

Super burning exciting confrontation content, passionate adventure gameplay, open a tooth-pulling battle anytime, anywhere.

Easy to place class hang-up upgrade play, free to summon the strongest role for you to fight, in the copy map among the big kill.

The traditional legend is more bloodthirsty and has been completely revolutionized from the graphics, so it's really something to play.


Albion Online game time takes place in the medieval period, with the change of day and night. Players must constantly control the land and other achievements. You can customize the role-playing style; you can become a mix of magician and warrior, wearing overalls with swords and shields.

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