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AdVenture Capitalist
AdVenture Capitalist
  • os: Android version: 8.14.0
    updated: Apr 4, 2022 size: 717.3 MB
  • os: IOS version: 8.14.0
    updated: Apr 6, 2022 size: 717.3 MB
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Simple game design.

Easy-to-start gameplay.

Having their own multinational group.

Test everyone's capital operation ability.

How To Play

1, after entering the game you need to grow yourself through capital operations.

2, the formation of their own multinational group to build a global enterprise.

3, the game has been cracked for capital consumption is not reduced but increased, come to build their own business empire!


Capitalist Adventure is a very fun management game, the game is not too difficult to start, the game players need to sell lemonade from a roadside vendor to grow into a wealthy capitalist.

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