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Edit Notes

1.12 difficulty levels, from beginner to expert

2.2 Player hot seat

3.6 checkers sets and 7 boards!

4. User statistics for each level

5. Undo with hints

6. Designed for tablets and cell phones

7. Support both non-compulsory capture (popular rules), and compulsory capture (US official/UK rules)

How To Play

1. Soldier's move

The soldier's walking method is: only forward diagonal walk a frame, can not backward.

2. Pawn's jump

If there is an empty square in front of or behind the opponent's piece that can jump over the opponent's piece, then you can jump over the opponent's piece to capture the skipped piece and take it off the board (see diagram).

3. Pawn jumping

A pawn jump is a jump over an opponent's disc and then a disc that can be jumped over, so you can jump over it in succession, capturing the skipped disc and removing it from the board at once. The move of a pawn cannot be retreated, but when it encounters a jump-eat or continuous jump, it can retreat and eat the disc.

4. Pawn promotion

Before the game starts, both players have pawns on the board. When a pawn moves or jumps to the opponent's bottom line and stops during the game, it can be promoted to "king".

If a pawn does not stop (i.e. pass by) during the game when it reaches or jumps to the opponent's bottom line, it cannot be promoted to "king".

5. King's move

The king's move is: the king can move in or out on any diagonal line, and there is no limit to the number of squares. (Similar to the bishop's move in chess)

6. King's jumping and eating

The king's jump is that the king and the opponent's pieces meet on the same diagonal, no matter how many squares apart, as long as there are empty squares in front and behind the opponent's pieces, then the king can jump over and capture the opponent's pieces, and the jump should be in the empty square behind the opponent's pieces.

7. King's jump

A king's jump is basically the same as a pawn's jump, except that it is not limited in distance.

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Checkers, an ancient board game. It existed as far back as the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, and modern checkers was finalized in the 12th century. Checkers evolved from the national checkers of various countries. Its history is very long. According to historians, checkers originated in ancient Egypt. Ancient Rome. Ancient Greece and some other countries and regions. In the Louvre Museum in France, there is a fresco of a lion and an antelope playing checkers. However, due to different academic opinions, archaeologists have not been able to accurately deduce the origin and spread of checkers in ancient times.

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